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       Born January 21, 1952, in Kėdainiai.

       Deputy Director of the Cultural Heritage Centre. His wife Genovaitė (born 1952) works at the Lithuanian Martynas Mažvydas National Library. Children: Šarūnas (born 1978), music editor and radio show host, Ringaudas (born 1984), energy engineer.

       1958-1969 – studied at Kėdainiai 2nd High School, 1971-1978 – studied in Vilnius University, Faculty of History.

       1975-1977 – worked as a senior fellow at the LSSR Museum of History and Ethnography, 1978-1989 – worked at the LSSR Atheism Museum: 1978-1979 – senior fellow for the Antiquity period, 1979-1984 – head of the Mass Labour Department, 1984-1989 – head of Feudalism and Capitalism Departments. 1989-1991 – worked at the Monument Restoration and Design Institute: 1989-1990 – category I historian of the Historical Archaeological Research Department, 1990-1991 – head of the Historical Archaeological Research Department. 1991-present – works at the Cultural Heritage Centre: 1991-1993 – head of the Cultural Heritage Accounting Department, 1993-1994 – head and fellow of the Department of Structures and Inventories, 1993-1997 – head of the Historic Sites and Monuments Division, 1997-2005 – deputy director of the Lithuanian Cultural Heritage Centre, 2003-2005 – head of the Cultural Landscape and Architectural Heritage Institute. Since 2006 – deputy director of the Cultural Heritage Centre.

      2003-2005 – elected the chairman of the Cultural Heritage Centre union committee.

      Leisure: classical, modern music, scientific literature.

      Motto: Follow historical wisdom: the present is not complete and the past has always begun.

      Cultural Heritage Centre, Ašmena str. 10, LT-01135 Vilnius; phone No.: (5) 2121446; e-mail: