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        Born 25/05/1959, in Vilnius.

        A signatory of the Act of the Re-Establishment of the State of Lithuania, the director of the Cultural Heritage Centre. His wife Regina (born 1959) is a teacher methodologist of Lithuanian language and literature at Vilnius M. Biržiška Gymnasium. Children: Mindaugas (born 1983), architect, Jūratė (born 1985), advertising manager.

        1977 – graduated from Vilnius 34th High school. 1977-1982 – studied at the Vilnius Engineering Construction Institute, Faculty of Architecture (hons.).

        1982-1984 – „KŪPI” Šiauliai dept. Architect, 1984-1985 – senior architect of this institute, 1985-1989 – cat. I architect, 1986-1988 – gr. leader, 1990-1992 – deputy of the Lithuanian Supreme Council (Reconstituent Seimas), vice chairman of the Committee on Education, Science and Culture, leader of the Seventh (later renamed Moderate) party, 1992-1996 – editor of the Lithuanian Union of Municipalities magazine "Municipality", 1996-2005 – assistant director - sen. architect of the Cultural Heritage Centre, 2006-present – director of the Cultural Heritage Centre.

        Together with his peers founded the first movement group "Nations for the nation" in Šiauliai (19/07/1988). Member of the Šiauliai movement initiative group, council chairman (until 1990), a delegate of the Constituent Congress of the Lithuanian Reform Movement, member of Lithuanian Reform Seimas. One of the founders of the Movement’s Šiauliai Council organizational structure, which prevented communist domination.

        1992 – one of founders of the Lithuanian Moderate Movement, the vice-chairman of the movement. 1996 – participated in the founding of the "Lithuanian Assembly". 1996-2002 – member of the Lithuanian Democratic Party.

        Author and co-author of many architectural projects: Reconstruction of Šiauliai city Vilnius Pedestrian Boulevard, co-author of Joniškis Bank projects, Šiauliai House of Hunters and Fishermen, Radviliškis Funeral home, Ginkonai (Šiauliai distr.) Culture Centre, author of Padubysis Recreation Centre "Seagull" Tenders: Reconstruction of Šiauliai Railway Station (co-author, III place), Šiauliai "Nuklonas" (author, II place), Panevėžys District Cultural Centre (author, I place).

        One of the founders of the Lithuanian cultural heritage system: 1991 – participated in the preparation of the law for establishment of a temporary state cultural heritage inspectorate and other associated legislations, 1994 – was one of the experts of the Committee on Education, Science and Culture of the Supreme Council of Lithuania in assessing the law on Lithuanian immovable cultural heritage protection, 2003-2004 – with other member of a work group, formed by the Lithuanian Seimas, prepared a law on Lithuanian immovable cultural heritage protection, also prepared the majority of secondary legislation projects associated to the before mentioned project, under which the unanimous Cultural Heritage Register was established, the guaranteed independent expert assessment of immovable cultural heritage, and heritage management system regulations were formed, etc.

        One of the compilers of books "The Signatories of the Act of the Re-Establishment of the State of Lithuania of 1990", "Liberation. Movement in Šiauliai Region in 1988-1990", author of the layouts for these books. 

        2000 – awarded the Independence Medal of Lithuania.

        Leisure: Basketball, downhill skiing.

        Motto: Freedom is a responsibility.

        Cultural Heritage Centre, Ašmena str. 10, LT-01135 Vilnius; phone No.: (5) 2121483; e-mail: