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     Born 11/08/1957, in Bartkūnai, Kaišiadorys distr.

     1975 – graduated from Rumšiškės Antanas Baranauskas High School (Kaišiadorys distr.). 1975-1980 – studied at Vilnius University Faculty of History and acquired the specialty of a librarian-bibliographer.

     1980-1994 – worked at the Party History, Library of the Lithuanian Institute of History, 1994-1995 – bibliographer at the Cultural Heritage Research Centre, 1998-2004 – manager for Commerce of personal company "Heritage" and in 2006-2008 – Public Institution "Heritage", 1995-present –  head of the Heritage Protection Library of the Cultural Heritage Centre.

     Cultural Heritage Centre, Ašmena str. 10, LT-01135 Vilnius; phone No.: (5) 2625539; e-mail: vale.antanaitiene@kpc.lt