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Data Subdivision

Place, Urbanized Area, Locality, Building and Movable Object Subdivisions

Building Subdivision

Currently 8 educated professionals such as architects, specialists on cultural heritage protection, art critics, surveyors, cartographers work in the subdivision: Laima Lysiukienė, Aistė Ustinavičienė, Karolina Grablevska, Viktorija Mačiulaitytė, Rima Putrimienė, Asta Adomaitytė, Nida Juchnevičiūtė. The subdivision is headed by long-time employee of the Cultural Heritage Centre – an architect, architectural, greenery heritage expert Indrė Kačinskaitė.

The main activity is drafting of the Immovable Cultural Heritage Assessment Council acts. Acts are arranged for, valuable properties are determined for particularly wide range of cultural heritage objects such as ensembles of sacral buildings, mansions, ethno-architectural homesteads, buildings and ensembles of cities and towns, engineering objects, urban areas.

The experience of the subdivision related to capturing in detail, exploring objects located in different regions of Lithuania makes it possible to fully know and to professionally evaluate cultural heritage of Lithuania.

Urbanized Area Subdivision

Currently architects, heritage preservationists, cartographers works in the subdivision: Milda Bugailiškytė, Marius Skerniškis, Jadvyga Verksnienė, Dalia Žiauberienė, Vilija Ralytė, Marius Baikauskas, Kazimieras Špakauskas

The head of the subdivision is an architect Violeta Bruzgelevičiūtė. Professional and responsible professionals of the subdivision are drafting the Immovable Cultural Heritage Assessment Council acts for urbanized areas, different types of building complexes and buildings, collects detailed archival materials, historical data, in order to accurately determine valuable properties the object. They go to the area, perform a detailed inspection of the object, photofixation, assess the condition, determines boundaries for the territory of Immovable cultural heritage object. A draft act is prepared with compulsory appendixes such as iconography, drawings, defined territory plan and other material and is received the approval by the Immovable Cultural Heritage Assessment Council, supplements the Register of Cultural Properties.

Place Subdivision

Currently 9 educated professionals such as archaeologists, historians, cartographers work in the Place Subdivision: Jonas Balčiūnas, Loreta Jatulionytė-Brezgienė, Algirdas Skrupskelis, Jolanta Paunksnienė, Valdas Striužas, Gervaldas Zabarauskas, Saulius Turskis ir Renata Bugorevičiūtė. The head of the subdivision is an archaeologist Arūnas Strazdas.

The main activity of the subdivision is drafting of archaeological, historical and memorial Immovable Cultural Heritage Assessment Council acts. It includes the preparation of accounting documents for heritage objects such as mounds, cemeteries, ancient settlements, the old cemetery, the graves of famous people and heritage related to the Lithuanian partisan activity.

Object Subdivision

 Highly qualified specialists such as art critics, historians and specialists on cultural heritage protection, whose main activities include the inventory of the ancient Lithuanian church and secular art objects, the specification of data on movable cultural property and the preparation of accounting documents, work in the Movable Objects Subdivision. The head of the subdivision is a historian Svetlana Poligienė.

The staff of the subdivision, which includes five specialists with the doctoral degrees in humanities, differs from others because of active scientific work, participates in local and international conferences, their texts are often published in various scientific and popular science publications.